Tranberg IMT Helideck lighting solutions

Published: February 14, 2020
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By Isabelle Simonsen

Tranberg IMT Helideck lighting solutions becomes a part of R. STAHL TRANBERG’s portfolio

As announced in December 2019, R. STAHL TRANBERG made an asset deal with Xylem, to acquire its well-known IMT helideck lighting portfolio. The transaction is comprised of the intellectual property, products, route to market and customers under the IMT product brands – making R. STAHL TRANBERG the world’s number one provider of helideck lighting solutions.

Great news for both IMT and R. STAHL TRANBERG customers

R. STAHL TRANBERG and IMT’s helideck lighting solutions are highly complementary to each other, both built on proven quality, safety and innovation. We fully intend to keep and leverage the well-established IMT brand, offering our customers a complete helideck lighting solution.

We will be conducting a thorough review of our helideck lighting solutions portfolio to ensure that our customers have seamless transition to newer products, if we decide to phase some IMT or Tranberg products out as a result of duplication.

The partnership makes commercial sense as it will expand both the R. STAHL TRANBERG and the IMT product portfolio into new regions as well as providing all customers with access to R. STAHL TRANBERG’s global sales and service network. It’s through continued growth and expansion that we can consolidate our position as a truly global company.

Track record of operational excellence and technology leadership

The partnership will enable IMT customers to benefit from R. STAHL TRANBERG’s track record of operational excellence, product and service knowledge and technology leadership over many years, and the ability to continually meet the high demands of customers, regulators and the environment.

R. STAHL TRANBERG is also a part of R. STAHL GROUP, which has subsidiaries in 24 countries, seven production sites and branches in over 50 locations worldwide. Whether it be supporting existing IMT solutions or offering a broader range of maritime solutions – the recently launched TRANBERG® BlueLine Lighting Series, for example – R. STAHL TRANBERG and IMT will provide a compelling proposition to customers.

The highest standard in quality and innovative lighting solutions

We look forward to welcoming IMT into the R. STAHL TRANBERG family. We are committing to ensuring that through the Tranberg/IMT Helideck Lighting Solutions portfolio our customers will receive the highest standards in quality and innovative lighting solutions for many years to come.

We thank our customers for their continued trust in us.

For further questions, please contact Daniel Elgar at , phone +47 51 57 89 00.

ILED Aquarius CIRCLE-H Helideck Lighting System
ILED Aquarius CIRCLE-H Helideck Lighting System close-up