Job opening: Production Manager

At R.STAHL Tranberg AS, we seek a dedicated and experienced Production Manager who will be key in managing our production processes. We can guarantee active participation in implementing new digital tools and processes for digital transformation. We are looking for someone with a technical background, preferably experience from another manufacturing company. We are also seeking someone who thrives with strategic and operational responsibility, where a high degree of execution is essential in daily activities.

As our production manager, you will ensure efficiency, quality, and continuous improvement, focusing on the production and assembly of mechanical and electromechanical parts. This responsibility also includes personnel management for about 30 employees, distributed across various departments. You should enjoy engaging with employees, be interested in the processes, and see the big picture.

In addition to the overarching responsibilities, there will be significant interaction across the organization. This key role will be a resource internally and externally, hence good communication skills and solid collaboration abilities are emphasized. With a short path to management, and as you become part of the management team, there will also be significant opportunities to influence from A to Z.

Do you want to join us on a digital journey where change processes are a long-term goal? We look forward to hearing from you.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Implementing the strategic plan involving a transition to a higher degree of digitalization, automation, and paperless production
  • Carrying out ongoing LEAN projects
  • Planning, coordinating, and controlling production processes
  • Active participation in the management team
  • Ensuring the right production according to cost, time, quality level, etc.
  • Involvement from planning to control and supervision
  • Active participation in new product development
  • Participate in other relevant daily control activities
  • Responsible for inventory management, stock control, and inventory levels supplying production
  • Ensuring a solid inventory system is in place
  • Decision-making/influence in make-or-buy situations
  • Factory design with special focus on flow
  • Close cooperation with R&D as well as Supply Chain Management

Desirable Skills and Knowledge:

  • Relevant formal education, bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Solid work experience in production management, engineering, system engineering, etc.
  • Digital competence such as ICT, etc.
  • Experience in conducting LEAN projects and other improvement projects.

Personal Qualities:

  • Good leadership qualities
  • Good collaboration skills both up and down the organization
  • Ability to communicate in a clear and effective manner
  • Planning and organizational skills to be able to lead and monitor the production process
  • Ability to act decisively and solve problems related to staff or equipment
  • Accuracy, detail-oriented, and attention to ensure high-quality levels
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Ability to work in a logical and systematic manner

We Offer:

  • An interdisciplinary and pleasant work environment
  • Short path to management and a place in the management team
  • Opportunities to develop skills and influence the workplace
  • Global orientation with local anchoring
  • Good pension and insurance schemes

About us

R. STAHL Tranberg AS is an international company specialising in lighting solutions, heating systems, and explosion-proof equipment for marine, offshore, and industrial sectors. With sophisticated solutions tailored for demanding conditions, we are the natural choice for our clients who require robust and quality-assured systems.

We develop and produce high-quality, sophisticated products and solutions from our office and production facility in Forus, Stavanger. This encompasses floodlights, searchlights, navigation systems for ships, lighting solutions for helicopter decks, and heating and frost protection solutions for the marine and energy market.