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Published: March 4, 2022
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By Simon Andreas Skaar

Did you know that the miniCON plug connector from R. STAHL is the simplest, safest and most reliable way to connect your devices? Connect it with power sources, data networks or each other. Of course, it is made for hazardous areas.

Simply, it is an actual grab bag, as it has an incredible number of advantages that can be highlighted in the following categories:


  • Complete freedom for any applications since all electrical connections between bus systems and a three-phase power supply (8-pole or 7-pole + PE, high-speed bus, 3-phase + auxiliary contact) are supported.
  • Autonomy, as the plug connectors, can be coded by the customer and subsequently adjusted at any time.
  • No risk of mix-ups thanks to the self-finding system with three coding options for plugs that simply cannot connect with anything they shouldn’t connect with.
  • Plug & play enables quick and easy disconnection of the plug and thereby enabling use at other locations.
  • The connection cross-section from 0.25 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 provides outstanding flexibility when selecting electrical cables.

miniCON Plug In Connector


  • The plug connectors consist of a number of identical components, which can be combined to create a wide variety of different versions.
  • Modular with freely combinable components.
  • You could use the cable glands, which are already available to you, without having to place any additional orders.

Easy handling

  • Easy and quick assembly due to the low variance in parts and logical design.
  • Incorrectly assigned pins are no longer a problem – with the snap-in function, it’s easy to correct them.
  • The hot swap function enables assemblies to be replaced during ongoing operation by just one member of staff.
  • Turn, contact and secure – establish mechanical and electrical connections in just three steps thanks to the simple turning mechanism.
  • The plug connector can be inserted and removed seamlessly with one hand, even while wearing gloves.
  • The built-in components of an Ex d enclosure can be aligned in 24 different ways using the positioning aid.

Cost savings

  • miniCON is maintenance-free. When your other devices require maintenance, you can perform this work quickly and easily – all you need to do is unplug the connector.
  • Fast maintenance means that you can significantly reduce the amount of downtime in your production facility.
  • At the same time, it guarantees quick commissioning, as there is no need for individual wiring on-site, and the time needed for installation is much shorter.
  • Long approvals processes for hot work are now a thing of the past – thanks to hot swap technology, the plug connector can be safely disconnected mechanically and electronically at any time by just one person.
  • It also eliminates errors and troubleshooting in the plant since all plug connectors are pre-mounted and tested by the OEM.
  • One plug connector for all situations: Only the base part of the plug and coupling differs, while the rest remains the same, enabling you to reduce your storage costs significantly.

Future proof

  • Would you like to trace all component parts? Would you like to create clear documentation through digitalisation? No problem. miniCON is designed so that it can be integrated seamlessly. After all, serialisation comes as a standard with us.
  • It also supports modern maintenance strategies, which makes it even more future-proof.

Additional Highlights

  • The pull brake is an extremely useful feature – thanks to acceleration during the separation, it enables a safe disconnection, and a contact burn-off is avoided.
  • The locking mechanism with an on/off display is another highlight, as it enables you to determine at a glance whether your plug connector is connected or disconnected.

In addition, it is ATEX and IECEx certified and can be used in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

We make your hazardous area safe in the oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage and cosmetics industries or offshore applications.

Are you wondering what else miniCON is capable of?

Read more at R-Stahl website.

First product announcement here.

Ex miniCON plug-in connector
Ex miniCON plug-in connector

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