Published: April 23, 2020
Category: News
By Isabelle Simonsen

A fully certified system with robust design, the most durable materials, easy installation and miniumum maintenance requirements.

Developed with close guidance from the CAA and certified to be in full accordance with the requirements of CAP 437, edition 8, TRANBERG® IMT’s CIRCLE-H TD/PM Lighting System provides the optimum solution. Cleanly and clearly indicating the TD/PM Circle and H, the TRANBERG® IMT CIRCLE-H stands out through its robust design, use of only the most durable materials, ease of installation and minimum maintenance requirements.

Fully integrated

The TRANBERG® IMT CIRCLE-H can be installed as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated total helideck lighting and status light safety system solution.

The optimization of the mounting arrangements for the Mark II CIRCLE-H has led to a 60% reduction in the number of holes in the deck required (for bolt-down installations) without compromising on mechanical strength, which exceeds the requirements set forth by CAP437.

Features and benefits

• Great visibility.
• Simple installation.
• Robust design.
• Minimum maintenance requirements.
• Low profile.
• Unique “interlock” design to withstand impact shear forces.
• The light intensity is adjustable – full control by communication.
• Can be fully integrated with TRANBERG® IMT Helideck status light Systems.
• Easy connection, by plug system.
• A variety of fixing methods – to suit all helideck types.
• Easy to replace fixtures.
• Low power consumtion.
• Special anti-slip coating.
• In accordance with the CAP 437 8th edition.

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