Product Discontinued – TEF 9964 Floodlight

Published: March 2, 2023
Category: News
By Simon Andreas Skaar

R. Stahl Tranberg AS regrets to inform that the supplier of the Xenon insert (part# 3173/4861) used in TEF 9964 has decided to permanently stop the production of the unit with immediate effect.
This disruption in supply is a result of shortage in components for the insert.

Regretfully, this has a significant impact on R. Stahl Tranberg’s ability to supply the TEF 9964 Floodlight and spare parts for these fixtures. The impacted part numbers are as following:

TEF 9964000
TEF 9964010
TEF 9964024
TEF 9964030
TEF 9964100
TEF 9964110
TEF 9964124
TEF 9964230
TEF 9400103
TEF 9400108
TEF 9400067

Part# 3173
Part # 4861

As an alternative to the complete floodlight and its spare parts, R. Stahl Tranberg can offer the new TEF 9975 LED Floodlight. The LED fixture has a higher light intensity and better light distribution compared with the TEF 9964 Xenon floodlight, and is considered a one-to-one replacement.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this unforeseen matter has caused our customers.

TRA0273 2

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