R. STAHL TRANBERG Supplies Navigation Light System and Searchlight for Electric Hybrid Ferries

Published: Date, November 24, 2020
Category: News
By isabelle.simonsen@r-stahl.com
Position: Digital Marketer

The Norwegian goverment has set an objective to have all ferry connections running on power by 2025. Most of the ferry operators in Norway have begun replacing old ferries with new electric hybrid ones.

Norled, one of the leading ferry operators in Norway are adding four new vessels to their fleet from the Polish shipyard, Remontowa Shipbuilding SA.

R. STAHL TRANBERG is proud to supply these vessels with navigation light system and searchlights. The ferries are 114 meter long, 17,7 meter wide and the first two (MF Festøya and MF Solavåg) is capable of taking on board up to 120 personal cars and 296 passengers. The third and fourth vessel will be capable of taking on more passengers and since the route is shorter, will have a reduction on the battery pack by approximately 20%.

The video below shows MF Mannheller sailing out from the shipyard for sea trials. After the trials have been completed, the ferry will be washed, refreshed and handed over to Norled. After reaching Norway and having its last equipment fitted the ferry will be ready to being its service on the Mannheller – Fodnes connections.

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