R. STAHL TRANBERG Supplies Searchlight System to the World’s Largest Ocean Farm

Published: August 26, 2021
Category: News
By Isabelle Simonsen

One of the biggest challenges for the industry today is limited access to new marine areas, which is a necessity for development within fish welfare and enviromental considerations.

The «Havfarm» project is part of an innovation and research boost for the Norwegian aquaculture industry. This and several other projects are made possible through a cooperation between the aquaculture industry, the government of Norway and a wide array of suppliers, including R. STAHL TRANBERG. The two Havfarms are part of Nordlaks’ solution for a sustainable development of aquaculture. Both Havfarms will be placed in more exposed areas which previously was not thought possible to utilize for aquaculture. The new areas provide excellent conditions for the production of salmon while maintaining both the environment, workers safety and fish welfare.

R. STAHL TRANBERG is proud to supply this project with an advanced searchlight system with integration to external control systems, enabling remote control and monitoring capabilities.

The video below was created as a part of the original application and entails all three types of ocean farms as well as describing the foundational principles of the concept.

Read more about the “Havfarms” at Nordlaks.