Revolutionizing Control in Hazardous Environments: Introducing IS1+ Remote I/O

Published: June 27, 2023
Category: News
By Simon Andreas Skaar

Are you looking for the perfect solution for control and applications in hazardous areas or harsh industrial environments? Look no further than our cutting-edge IS1+ Remote I/O!

Ideal for projects in the oil and gas industry (both onshore and offshore), petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry, our state-of-the-art Remote I/O technology is revolutionizing how we tackle complex challenges in these sectors.


We’re thrilled to announce that our exceptional USA team, led by the talented Marat Nizberg, has recently completed a groundbreaking project involving the integration of IS1+ Remote I/O into Drilling Rig control packages. Specifically, our innovative Remote PLC enclosures, powered by IS1+, were carefully chosen to enhance their efficiency and reliability. Thanks to excellent communication and seamless teamwork with TTS, we were able to meet their timeline and exceed expectations.

Curious to learn more about our exceptional Remote I/O technology? Click here to explore further:


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