R. STAHL TRANBERG Handing over the Mongstad Longline (Leak Water) Project

Published: Date, March 12, 2021
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By isabelle.simonsen@r-stahl.com
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R. STAHL TRANBERG has with great success, and in cooperation with Aker Solutions, nVent/Raychem and Proxll, handed over the “Mongstad Longline (Leak Water) Project” to Aker Solutions, for the end customer Equinor.

R. STAHL TRANBERG has supplied all the heating cables, junction boxes and thermostats for Ex Zone 1 on this project. Our team has also been present during the entire installation period, in order to guide and supervise the installation process. We have delivered the most advanced technology for controlling and monitoring, in order for the system to communicate with Equinor’s master control system.

The oil deposits from Johan Sverdrup is being transported to Mongstad, and stored in large reservoirs in the mountain formations before being refined. The oil is stored on water mirrors to prevent the oil from seeping into the mountain. This water mirror is adjusted and causes the need to pump out oily water regularly. The pumping is performed via six caverns into a storage tank for oily water/dangerous waste, which floats in a 2,3km long pipeline to storage tanks, and will be collected for cleansing. The TRANBERG® Heat Tracing design for the Leak Water line is frost protected to start at +5 degrees Celcius to prevent the oily water from freezing inside the Leak water pipeline. There will be some waxing inside the pipe system, and this wax is then being melted and can be pumped out when the system is heated up to +60 degrees.

The commissioning of the project has been a great success and R. STAHL TRANBERG is extremely proud of our team’s performance on this project as a whole.

R. STAHL TRANBERG Mongstad Longline Project
R. STAHL TRANBERG Mongstad Longline Project

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