ISpac Isolators for Hazardous Areas

Our ISpac Isolators can save up to 30% space, makes individual wiring a thing of the past and has been designed to last for a minimum of 15 years. Watch the latest video for our multi-talented ISpac Isolator.

Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers

Developed for intrinsically safe operations of a wide range of devices, our safety barriers are small in size but big on protection. See the video for all the benefits and features of our zener barriers.

Introducing our Latest Camera Technology

Introducing our latest camera technology that combines state-of-the-art technology with cost-effectiveness and ease of installation for hazardous areas – our camera technology will meet your every requirement.

See Tranberg Status Light in Action

We love seeing our products in action. Here you see Tranberg Status Light (waveoff – signaling to helicopters not to land) onboard the shuttle tanker “Altera Wave”.