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The widest range of industry-specific Thin Clients for hazardous and industrial area

Published: July 4, 2019
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By Netpower Flex

Press Release: R. STAHL’s Thin Clients cover all requirements for an on-site operation, and have been designed for hazardous as well as for non-hazardous industrial areas

Three different device platforms for varying applications have been developed to suite various application needs.

Firstly, for the particularly rough ambient and operative conditions we recommend the HMIs with the SHARK device platform. These touch screen systems, developed first and foremost for the oil and gas industry as well as for outdoor harsh environment applications, are extremely robust and resistant to shock, vibration, seawater and salt spray. Their enclosure is powder-coated and has a chemically hardened, non-reflective front glass screen. These devices have the IP66 level of protection and are also suitable for extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +65 °C.

Secondly, the Thin Clients on the MANTA device platform are ideally suited to the requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. These models offer flexibility in configuring and are fitted with widescreens of up to 24″ to display complex processes in brilliant image quality. The range also includes HMIs with dual and touch operation. For cleanroom application in the life sciences and food industries, the special MANTA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) version has been developed, designed according to GMP grade C.

Finally, the third device platform, EAGLE, comprises Thin Clients for machine operation and logistics tasks. All operating systems run on industrial-grade firmware that is secured and safe with user-friendly functions – R. STAHL Remote HMI V5 firmware. It provides flexible remote access to distributed control systems of all major providers, including connection to virtual server structures and cloud automation at the level of the Industrial Internet of Things. For the application of the industrial-grade Thin Client firmware in control rooms, R. STAHL has developed the IBPC Box Thin Clients, which supports dual and quad screen operation up to a display resolution of 4K.


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Illustration: As a standard, Thin Clients from R. STAHL are equipped with proprietary firmware optimised for the industrial Internet of Things.