The World’s Fastest Connected Lantern?

Published: Date, April 13, 2021
Category: News
Position: Digital Marketer

See how the power connector enables quick and easy installation of the TRANBERG® BlueLine Navigation Light.

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Time for Another Throwback

Did you know that in 1969, Tranberg designed and produced our first seismical equipment; a Slip-Ring set, with 300 poles for transferring signals from the seismical shooting to the datamachines on board vessels.

Kaizen – Another Important Part of LEAN

LEAN is an important part of our daily operations at R. STAHL TRANBERG, and last week you got to see how we have applied 5S. Another fundamental part of LEAN is the Kaizen approach, where the focus is continuous improvement on all daily challenges.

Time for a Throwback

Since 1901, when Olof Tranberg founded TRANBERG, we have enabled the Marine industry to solve complex issues such as highly demanding design, connectivity, safety and environmental requirements.