Working in an Environment With Gas Mixtures or Fine Particles?

Published: February 18, 2022
Category: News
By Simon Andreas Skaar

Then you need a suitable protection concept to avoid ignition hazards.

Meet the new generation of control and monitoring systems from your explosion protection specialists – R. STAHL. This is a protection pressurised enclosure, and filters all the traditional complexities to only three basic components:

– Ex p controller: This controls all processes regardless of cabinet size, and can be adapted to meet different needs.
– Ex-p pressure monitors – Enables cost-effective operations close to the threshold. Reduces leakage and optimizes airflows. This helps to reduce pressure load and purge times.
– Ex p purge Valve – This regulates the purge airflow to the cabinet and maintains internal pressure in accordance with Ex. p standards.

Protect your equipment in hazardous locations – click here to know all about the modular Ex p systems.

3 Master Devices from R. STAHL
Illustration of Ex p controller

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