Your Partner for Integrated Helideck Lighting System

Published: November 23, 2020
Category: News
By Isabelle Simonsen

With safety, stable operations and seamless functionality crucial to today’s helideck solutions, R. STAHL TRANBERG delivers high quality, maintenance-free and fully compliant helideck lighting setup. Our complete Helideck lighting solutions are in full compliance with the latest CAP437 requirements. The entire lighting system can be integrated into one Control System.

Our Helideck Lighting Solutions is delivered to offshore installations, oil tankers, ships, hotels and hospitals all over the world. Helideck equipment from R. STAHL TRANBERG is used for operation on elevated and non-elevated helidecks onshore and offshore in extreme environments.

The Helideck Lighting Solutions consists of:

The lights give pilots a visual awareness of their position relative to the helidecks. CAP 437 is issued by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and describes the standards for offshore helicopter landing areas. As such, it is considered worldwide to be a world leader in the field, and is considered best practice and dominant to operational safety of offshore helidecks. All of our Helideck Lighting products comply with, and often exceed, all requirements set by CAP437.

Read more on the requirements in “New Product Requirement for Helideck Lighting” and “Only Integrated Helideck Lighting Solutions can Meet the Industry’s Safety Standards”.

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