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Norwegian manufacturing and production

Our Stavanger production facilities have 3,500 square meters of space

R. STAHL TRANBERG prides itself on its manufacturing processes, progressing and testing products in close cooperation with customers and ensuring that all products are developed with the latest high-quality, durable materials and in the shortest possible delivery time frames.

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In-house Experts

Nestled at the heart of our operations, the R. STAHL Tranberg main office and production facility is the crucible where our commitment to excellence comes to life. Here, we harness the expertise of our skilled artisans and engineers to craft the entirety of our distinguished product line. From the precise art of welding to the rigorous processes of certification, every step is performed under our vigilant oversight.

By centralizing our production, we not only uphold the highest standards of quality but also ensure the agility to respond to our customers’ needs with unparalleled speed. It’s our way of staying true to our legacy of reliability, while seamlessly serving the marine, energy, and aviation sectors.


square meters of space for production & manufacturing


Employees focusing on R&D, energy, marine and aviation applications


Orders pushed through production last month

Unparalleled Project Management

At R. STAHL Tranberg, we understand that the success of your projects hinges on flawless execution and meticulous management. Our project management expertise stands at the core of our promise to deliver not just products, but comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique demands of the marine, energy, and aviation industries. With a keen focus on precision, timelines, and adaptability, our dedicated project managers ensure that every aspect of your project is handled with the utmost care, from initial consultation to final implementation.

Are you ready to bring your vision to life with a partner who commits to excellence at every step? Reach out to us today. Let’s discuss how our bespoke project management services can elevate your next project beyond the ordinary.

Reliable Solutions for a Safer Future

At R. STAHL Tranberg, our pursuit of excellence is driven by a commitment to provide Reliable Solutions for a Safer Future. Our Stavanger testing facilities are the proving grounds for this commitment, ensuring every product meets the exacting standards of the marine, energy, and aviation sectors. This dedication guarantees the resilience and functionality needed to excel in the most demanding environments.

Explore how our expertise can advance your projects. We invite you to reach out and join us in forging a partnership that not only meets today’s needs but leads us toward a safer, more efficient tomorrow.

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