Foto: Georg Aamodt

Partnering with you every step of the way

With R.STAHL TRANBERG, you can be sure that your marine, industrial or oil & gas operations remain on track through our industry leading project management expertise. From the design and concept phases through to comissioning, third party verification, installation and ongoing support, training and maintenance, we partner with you throughout the project lifecycle.

Our project management and project execution capabilities are also supported by an R&D department that is home to up to 15% of our employees and our in-house production operations ensure that projects are delivered on budget, on time and with the flexibility to meet every customer challenge and specification.

Heat Tracing

R. STAHL TRANBERG’s heat tracing solutions span the whole project lifecycle from reviewing 3D models and drawings, process lines and existing maintenance requirements through to commissioning, third-party verification and utilizing engineering and design expertise for safety purposes. As a result, operators enjoy optimal operations, reduced CO2 emissions and significant cost savings.


R. STAHL TRANBERG’s winterization solutions for extreme environments require the reviewing of all critical life-saving equipment and existing heating solutions during the design stage, commissioning and – where necessary – modifications, installation of the latest software and power efficient systems for the immediate de-icing of critical components, and ongoing operational support.

Next Generation Lighting 

R.STAHL TRANBERG’s high-quality, cost-effective, next-generation lighting solutions have been specifically designed to meet the growing demands of autonomous and digitally-enabled ships. Utilizing our project management expertise, we work with customers to support multi-vendor integration and align our lighting solutions.

Foto: Tord Paulsen