TRANBERG® BlueLine Series – Setting the Standard for Marine Lighting

Published: Date, September 4, 2020
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TRANBERG® BlueLine Lighting Series represents highest standards in quality, cost-effective marine lighting for today’s modern ships and delivers reduced CAPEX/OPEX through easy installation and no maintenance.

The TRANBERG® BlueLine Series, which consists of navigation lights, floodlights and deck lights for all kinds of vessels, has been designed to provide marine operators with a world class quality standard in marine lighting. The series provides the very latest safety, sustainability and connectivity standards required for today’s modern ship designs, including autonomous ships.

TRANBERG® BlueLine Navigation Light

Our new LED navigation light with leading optical and LED driver solutions. No maintenance is obtained through a simplified plug and play, modular design for ease of installation, and unmatched availability self-monitoring capabilities. Reducing CAPEX and OPEX, while increasing safety.

• Seawater resistant aluminium and glass
• Light output according to international regulations
• 24V DC – 2-15W (Depending on model)
• Ø130 x 139(Simplex)/183(Duplex)
• Designed for 100 000 hours lifetime (each light source)
• Approximately 3 kg

See datasheet for all the features, benefits and technical details:

TRANBERG® BlueLine Floodlight

The highest quality, sustainable materials including seawater resistant aluminium and glass front. COB LED’s from wellknown manufacturers. High efficiency, and high light output. More floodlight innovations will be coming to the market in the near future.

• Cast seawater resistant aluminium, glass front
• 100 to 240V AC – 200/300W
• 20 000lm or 30 000lm
• 470x320x150mm

See datasheet for all the features, benefits and technical details:

TRANBERG® BlueLine Decklight

Specially designed for LED with focus on thermal management, to obtain a market leading “Lumen per size” figure without compromising the life-span of the LED’s. No maintenance such as replacing fluorescent tubes etc. A slender design with narrow glass ensures excellent resistance to heavy seas, wash-down etc. Other versions will be made available.

• Extruded seawater resistant aluminium, acrylic or glass (powder coated version available)
• 2500 lm 25W version
• 100-240V AC – 25-50W
• 600x120x65mm (25W version)
• Approximately 4 kg for 25W version

See datasheet for all the features, benefits and technical details:

R. STAHL TRANBERG BlueLine Deck Light